Biola’s Center for Christian Thought: An Interview with Director Gregg Ten Elshof

Joseph Gorra interviews Gregg Ten Elshof about the the recent launch of Biola University’s Center for Christian Thought:

    The Center for Christian Thought (CCT) is a fairly new institutional endeavor at Biola University. It is branded as “an important opportunity for scholars, an important resource for society.” There seems to be an interesting dynamic at Biola about how the university views the good of “Christian knowledge work.” Can you tell us about that in light of the mission of the Center?

    The mission of CCT is to be a forum where leading Christian thinkers from around the world can gather for up to a year at a time to research and discuss significant issues of our day with the goal of making valuable contributions to the academy, the church and the broader culture.

    The idea driving the Center is that we can serve our world by creating an environment conducive to the best possible Christian scholarship on important issues and then working hard to communicate that scholarship to people wrestling with real issues.

    What sort of work will the Center do? How will it do it?

    At the heart of CCT is a yearly residential fellowship program. Each year there will be a theme and a multidisciplinary collection of residential fellows working on a set of focal questions related to that theme. These Fellows will meet weekly to present their work in progress and receive critical feedback from one another. This is a unique opportunity for Christian scholars from around the world to engage in sustained, collaborative, multi-disciplinary work with Christians who approach things from a variety of perspectives.

Read the remainder of the interview here.


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