Dave Horner on Beversluis’s Critique of Lewis

John Beversluis takes issue with C.S. Lewis’s famous ‘trilemma’–either Jesus is a liar, lunatic, or Lord–by asserting that it is possible that Jesus was merely “mistaken” about his belief. David Horner addresses this in C.S. Lewis as Philosopher: Truth, Goodness and Beauty:

First, for Jesus to mistakenly believe himself to be the single, eternal source of all life and the ground of all truth is hardly characterized as “certain factual claims Jesus made about himself were false.” The factual claims in question are of cosmic, as well as of supreme personal and existential, consequence. If Jesus was whom he said, then God has visited this planet, and salvation has come through him. If he was not, then those theological conclusions are false–but even in this case, Jesus’ mistake would hardly be a “mere fact.”

Read the whole thing.


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