Understanding Love (Call for Submissions)

Diane Enns (McMaster University) and Antonio Calcagno (King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario) invite submissions for a collection of philosophical essays that explore the meaning of human love in any of its facets (publisher pending). While philosophers have historically maintained the centrality of love in human experience, they have neglected sustained investigations of the subject. This is particularly true of contemporary scholars working in the continental tradition, a curious fact given the emphasis on lived experience in existentialism and phenomenology, feminist and psychoanalytic thought.

We are interested in original, reflective essays that challenge philosophical reasoning on love and open new avenues for discussion. Although papers focusing on the theme of love in the history of philosophy are welcome, we encourage essays that draw from the tradition to advance contemporary views rather than straight expositions of historical thinkers or ideas.

    The ambiguity of love
    Romantic/erotic love
    Philosophy and love
    Phenomenology of love
Love and hate
Love and desire
Politics and love
Narcissistic love
    Love, sex and friendship
    Love, conscious and unconscious
    Love and infatuation
    Mistaken love, or love misunderstood
    Idealization in love
    Love and conflict

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2012

Send to: Diane Enns, ennsd@mcmaster.ca

Guidelines:1. Papers should be 6,000 to 8,000 words (inclusive of notes and bibliography)
2. Papers should be sent electronically as a Word or RTF document
3. Please prepare for blind review by omitting any identifying information in the body of the paper.
4. Include author’s name, title of paper, institutional affiliation and contact information in your email message.


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