Best Books/Papers of the Decade

Pick an area of philosophy that you’re particularly interested in and share your top 5-10 books/articles in that area.

My list for the area of free will/moral responsibility (okay so some of these are older than a decade):


John Fischer and Mark Ravizza’s 1) Responsibility and Control: A Theory of Moral Responsibility and 2) Perspectives on Moral Responsibility

Robert Kane, The Significance of Free Will

George Sher, Who Knew?: Responsibility Without Awareness

Gary Watson, Agency and Answerability: Selected Essays

T.M. Scanlon, Moral Dimensions: Permission, Meaning, Blame (although I haven’t finished it yet)

For papers, I’d include:

Angela Smith, “On Being and Holding Responsibile”

Angela Smith, “Control, Responsibility, and Moral Assessment”

Gary Watson, “Responsibility and the Limits of Evil”

John Fischer and Neal Tognazzini, “The Truth About Tracing”

John Fischer, “Recent Work on Moral Responsibility”

Eleonore Stump, “Sanctification, Hardening of the Heart, and Frankfurt’s Concept of Free Will”


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