TPS Meeting – September 6, 2011

It excites us a great deal to announce the first Talbot Philosophical Society meeting of the season! Mark your calendars for Tuesday September 6th from noon to 1pm at the Philosophy House. Trevor Nyman will be presenting a paper (abstract below) on Contextualism which is titled, There and Back Again, or, Contextualism and Her Factivity Problem.

There is a great deal going on this year, and you all have the privilege of being on the ground floor. Do not pass up this opportunity to sharpen yourself on the interactions of your peers. Talbot Philosophical Society is a community designed for students to develop their professional philosophical skills, and by coming to these meetings you will get more out of your graduate studies and become a better Christian philosopher. You might even make some friends in the process!

This week’s paper details…

Presenter: Trevor Nyman

Title: There and Back Again, or, Contextualism and Her Factivity Problem

Abstract: Contextualism holds that any sentence of the form ‘S knows that p’ remains indeterminate with respect to its truth-value until placed into a conversational context. This contextual quality does a lot of work to help explain commitments to important principles governing proper assertion and the contextualist is reasonable to cling to it. I hope to argue here that this quality actually leads to a significant problem for the contextualist, and that an attempt to avoid the main force of the problem undermines the flexibility that makes her theory so attractive.

See you there!


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