TPS Meeting-October 12, 2011

This week’s paper details

Who: Patrick Grafton-Cardwell

What: “Work on a Dilemma for the Conjunction of Lewis-Style Counterpart Theory and Counterfactual Semantics”

When: From noon to 1pm

Where: Phil House

Why: Again, TPS is awesome

Abstract: I argue that the counterpart relation is one of a group of counterfactual supporting dependence relations, and that its inclusion in this group of relations creates problems for the Lewis-style counterpart theorist (i.e. the counterpart theorist who is a modal realist and who holds to Lewis’ counterfactual semantics) in virtue of the fact that counterpart theory seems to entail the truth of some transworld counterfactuals, which are nonsensical on Lewis’ view. The result is that the Lewisian will either have to include in his theory the ad hoc stipulation that the counterpart relation is not counterfactual supporting, or he will have to rid himself of either his counterpart theory or his counterfactual semantics.

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