Gorra Interviews DeWeese

I have been benefiting greatly from Gary DeWeese’s new book Doing Philosophy as a Christian. The EPS’s Joe Gorra posted an extended interview with DeWeese about his vision of integration here. I found this bit on what hinders good Christian philosophy to be particularly instructive:

Perhaps the two strongest factors are pride and the academic culture. I don’t mean to offend anyone here, and I’m not a psychologist, but it seems to me that many in our professions—Christians and non-Christians alike—are more deeply concerned with professional respectability, reputation in the guild, than with pleasing the Lord. And that’s a temptation that we all are subject to. The academic culture seems to heighten that. Pressures on young scholars to publish in referred journals will, for many, mean that they will do research and writing that is “safe,” not at all “religious” in tone or content. And life in a philosophy department in a public university can shape a way of going about doing philosophy that in the end is inimical to the integration of philosophy and the faith

How do we fight against it? First, be excellent philosophers! Then, have the courage of our convictions. We must practice in our profession what we claim in our confession. We must learn to trust in the mercy and grace of God as we seek to bring him glory in what we do. This does not mean we flaunt legitimate proscriptions against evangelizing in class, or that we present only one side—the “Christian side”—of an argument. But it does mean we seek in all things—teaching, research, writing, as well as interpersonal relationships, committee work, and so on—to do our work as unto God.

Read the whole thing.


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