TPS Meeting-Oct 18, 2011

This week’s paper details…

Who: Evan Rosa

What: At the Helm of the Soul: Phronesis, the Technological Disposition, and the Ordered Life

When: From noon to 1pm

Where: Phil House

Why: Again, TPS is awesome


The resurgence of virtue in twentieth-century ethical theory offers a propitious opportunity to educate and form a society steeped in advancing technology by extending the wisdom of classical moral education into applied technological ethics. I suggest that an Aristotelian eudaimonistic framework best explains the formative nature of technology in the pursuit of human flourishing, particularly by contrasting two competing ordering principles of the soul, the virtue of phronesis and the technological disposition. I offer an ethical analysis of pharmacological behavior modification as an illustration of this application. And I argue that individuals and communities experience the good of technology only to the extent that our technological attitude is developed as subordinate to phronesis.


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