TPS Meeting-October 19, 2011

This week’s paper details…

Who: Adam Omelianchuk

What: Good Atheists? A Test Case for Ethical Contextualism

When: From noon to 1pm

Where: Phil House

Why: Again, TPS is awesome

Abstract:  In this paper, I explore whether an ethical analogue of epistemic contextualism is viable. That is, how normative/evaluative terms like ‘good’ are context sensitive. Using a thick/thin distinction between differing moral visions, I defend the idea that objective morality is compatible with the deployment of context-sensitive evaluative statements. I then explore the potential weakness of ethical contextualism, specifically the implication that there are ethical standards that can be properly ignored when deploying such terms. I suggest that the solution to this problem, if there is one, begins with the fact that there are no moral saints.


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