TPS Fall Conference Is Here!

Come to the TPS Fall conference this Saturday (11/12) on campus in Business 109! We’re happy to have Oliver Crisp as the keynote speaker who will be presenting a paper entitled, “Was Anselm a Panentheist?”

Don’t miss this chance to spend a day doing philosophy together. You’ll find a (pretty darn close to final) schedule below.
We are asking for a $5 suggested donation – this is in order to continue to provide events such as this (we’ve got some good stuff up our sleeves for the spring!). If you’re unable to cough that up, please don’t let that prevent you from joining us. All are welcome.

8:45a        Welcome (coffee and donuts provided)

9a             Christopher Bobier, “Plantinga, Reformed Epistemology and Religious    Pluralism”

Comments by Adam Omelianchuk

10:30a      KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Oliver Crisp, “Was Anselm a Panentheist?”

Q&A to follow

12:30p      Lunch

1:45p        Patrick Grafton-Cardwell, “A Dilemma for Lewis-style Modal Realism”

Comments by Wesley Chambers

3p             Cameron Aanestad, “Epistemic Peer Disagreement and Indefeasible Religious Belief”

Comments by Trevor Nyman



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