Philosophy of Religion Seminar – Glasgow

2nd Glasgow Philosophy of Religion Seminar

24-25, May 2012

The biennial Glasgow Philosophy of Religion Seminar provides a platform for discussion of work-in-progress in analytic philosophy of religion. Papers are invited on any topic within analytic philosophy of religion, broadly construed to include non-western traditions. Papers on comparative philosophy of religion are also welcome. The Seminar is organized by the Centre for Philosophy and Religion and will be held in the Philosophy Building, University of Glasgow . The precise schedule will be announced nearer the time, but it is anticipated that the event will run from 1.00 p.m. on the 24th May until 6.00 p.m. on the 25th May. Details will appear here as they become available.

If you would like your work to be considered for presentation at this event please email an abstract of between 300 and 500 words to Dr Victoria Harrison ( ) by 9th March 2012. Your paper should have a reading time of approximately 45-50 minutes. Please state on your submission if you are a graduate student. You will be informed of the decision by 31st March. Papers accepted for presentation will be considered for publication in Philosophy Compass, Blackwell’s fully peer-reviewed online philosophy journal.

We hope to re-schedule Professor Charles Taliaferro’s lecture which was cancelled last year. Please watch this here.

Professor Charles Taliaferro: Department of Philosophy, St. Olaf College, Minnesota. His publications incude: Consciousness and the Mind of God (Cambridge University Press, 1994), Contemporary Philosophy of Religion (Blackwell, 1998), Evidence and Faith; Philosophy and Religion Since the Seventeenth Century (Cambridge University Press, 2005), Dialogues About God (Rowman and Littlefield, 2008), Philosophy of Religion (One World, 2009), and The Golden Cord; A Short Book on Eternity (University of Notre Dame Press, forthcoming). He is the co-author of Naturalism (Eerdmans, 2008) and co-editor of A Companion to Philosophy of Religion (Blackwell, 1997), Cambridge Platonist Spirituality (Paulist Press, 1995), Philosophy of Religion Reader (Blackwell, 2003), and the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Christian Philosophical Theology.


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