Time: 9am-4pm Location: Biola University (Talbot East bldg, room 108) 
Free lunch to first 50 who RSVP (RSVP HERE)
Main Paper: 
Dr. Robert Garcia (Texas A&M).
Schedule: Click Here

Other Papers:
1. The Myth of a Pure Virtue Epistemology (Dr. Joshue Orozco – Whitworth University)
2. A Natural Law Style Defense of the Equal Wrongness of Killing (Carlos Flores – UC Santa Barbara)
3. The Equal Weight View and Cases of Religious Disagreement (Nathan Mueller, Talbot)
4. Things Aren’t Shaping Up: A Response to van Inwagen’s essay “Did God Create Shapes?” (Jessie Reid, Talbot)

Welcome to the home of the Talbot Philosophical Society (TPS).  The society exists to foster professional development of philosophy students, the sense of community among those students, and their capacity to pursue our motto of “truth and virtue”. 

This site was started back around 2012 by some of our former members. It has been re-activated during fall 2015 as a place to post  events, news, tools, and blog posts TPS members will find helpful.

Please Note: this site is not governed by or connected with Talbot.edu. Nothing on this site reflects the views, comments, or statements of Talbot School of Theology, nor should that institute be held responsible for content on this site. 

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