Welcome to The Biconditional Blog the weblog of Talbot Philosophical Society. The purpose is for sharing philosophical ideas, interests, and information on upcoming events. It is a blog for learning and fun discussion, which means, you don’t need to be an expert to participate! We invite thoughtful and respectful dialogue and look forward to interesting and stimulating posts and comments. Thanks for visiting The Biconditional Blog!

The Talbot Philosophical Society was started in Spring of 2004. Former student Jonathan Reibsamen writes, “Cecilia Stepp, Mark Stepp, Alex Plato, and Eric Peterson were all instrumental in creating the club”. Alex Plato recalls, “I remember one of the first meetings about organizing it and making it happen included Cecilia and Tedla and I. This group started it. It was my idea but I think Cecilia was the first president. I’m fairly sure that there was no official club or society before this, though I can’t be certain there was no informal club.” The first major event was a weekend retreat in 2004.

The Philosophy House

The philosophy house is located just off campus on Roma Dr. Philosophy events are held here in a comfortable home environment. The house has a library of philosophy books, the same Biola wifi umbrella as the rest of campus, and two apartment rooms that students rent. Talbot philosophy majors are welcome to stop by the house during reasonable daytime hours (9-6). The house is locked 24-7, contact department for access.

Philosophy House

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